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Saona Collection® is a registered trademark for women’s ready-to-wear, founded by Delphine Jeannel a French national living in Koh Samui, Thailand. The first Saona Collection® boutique had its grand opening in 2011 in Koh Samui Bophut and it was followed by 4 more : Fisherman’s village (Bophut), Lamai Beach, Terminal 21 Bangkok (Asok) and Koh Phangan (Srithanu). The brand Saona Collection® is also present in independent shops across Europe, Israël, French polynesia, USA. Saona collection online store dedicated a page for wholesale contact.

Even though every woman has her own style they are all united in their will to be free and independent, and these are the values we try to embody in our clothes – (Delphine, Creator)


saona collection illustration

Saona Collection® initially specialized in beachwear, but the brand has shifted towards a more contemporary style with ethnic wear and boho-chic influences. Its collections may be worn for every occasion and combine comfort, refinement and flow.

Today, Saona Collection®’s customer base is composed of independent, elegant and demanding women looking for quality and modernity. The brand launches two collections a year and operates within the notion of slow fashion, focusing primarily on quality and choice when it comes to textile, pattern and details (embroideries, sequins, pearls, crochet-work, lace, etc).

The Saona Collection® spirit Delphine gets her inspiration from her travels, and her work blends Western designs with a bohemian spirit: she uses flowing fabrics, eye-catching prints, flamboyant colors, embroidery and lace.

The way you dress is more than just wearing clothes. It allows you to tell your story and to define your own style – explains Delphine.

And because it’s important for each piece of clothing to be accessorized, Saona Collection® also offers handmade jewelry, crocheted hats, natural fiber bags, pouch and even Leather shoes.


saona collection illustration

Delphine’s passion for details such as embroidery, pearls, crochet-work and lace in her own creations comes from her childhood. Indeed, both her mother and father were involved in accessorizing.

They used to make lace in Paris and Madrid as well as artificial flowers for hat-makers and luxury fashion designers. She defines herself as a nonconformist in the world of fashion.

She follows seasonal trends but she refuses to be a victim of them; she prefers creating her collections according to her current inspirations rather than complying with the requirements of the fashion and textile industries.

It is possible to be elegant while being coherent with one’s values as a responsible consumer – Delphine maintains.

She has a strong sense of ethics, and today she wishes to be proactive in this field within Saona Collection®, providingher clients with collections having an extra bit of soul, the key words being solidarity, the respect of human life and the protection of the environment. She emphasizes the fact that Saona is a story of fashion, well-being and love for the well-made

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