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Our clothes are made in workshops in Bali, Indonesia. Since the beginning we’ve always had ethical commercial relationships with our partners, making sure fundamental principles such as the refusal of forced or child labor, and the implementation of decent working conditions notably with regard to hygiene and safety.

Indeed, at Saona Collection we believe that the smallest interaction should be conducted with respect and transparency, because fashion and ethics adorn our products and those who wear them” Delphine points out.

Saona Collection wishes to durably commit to this ethical approach while continuing to offer more and more transparency. We want to let our customers access the story of the garment, told in the form of anecdotes and picture books.

Our vision of ethics is based on two main concerns: a social one and an environmental one. Consequently, we wish to commit right now to improve on these aspects progressively and continually.

Saona Collection is committed to progressively diminishing its carbon footprint by using organic or recycled  materials as well as manufacturing processes that use less water, energy and transportation.

Saona Collection is committed to guaranteeing the traceability of its clothes: from cultivation to spinning or color dyeing, we want to be able to identify all the people who intervene in the making of our products.

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